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grande-theft-starbucks: Hi! One more question i have for you: i'm following a new keto regimen for about a week to see how i'm doing (from, but id like you opinion on it. The diet basically consists of me drinking 2 cups of bulletproof coffee (~500 cal) in the morning, fasting and drinking water throughout the day, and in the evening, about 12 hours later, eating a big fatty/protein-y dinner to suffice my daily caloric intake (another ~1200 calories= 1700). Do you have an opinion on intermittent ketofasting?

Hey :) if that works for you, go for it! the science behind intermittent fasting seems solid, and I know anecdotally that many people have found it easy & productive. I wouldn’t try it myself, because I have a history of eating disorders, and I have to be careful of my psychology when it comes to food and restriction. Be alert for danger signs around this, like if you’re obsessing about food, or feeling guilty when you do eat, or feeling anxious about eating in social situations- if any of these apply, intermittent fasting might only make them worse!

Also be aware that your body can only take in so many calories at a time, so it might not be able to process 1200 calories at once, but you should be okay if you eat slowly :)

All the best! I’m really glad you’re doing keto with us.

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